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What is the Campaign STOP message?

In the United States, it is industry mandated to give messages receivers the ability to opt out of receiving SMS messages for your 10DLC Campaigns. 

When registering your Campaign, you need to provide a STOP message. This is the message that a customer will receive when they reply STOP to the 10DLC linked to a Campaign. 

An example of a STOP message is: 

"Unsubscribe successful. You will no longer receive SMS promotions. Reply START to opt in."

An example of when to include STOP in a SMS message:

"Up to 50% off  Product Name at Company Name. Plus, receive free gift on checkout with every purchase. Buy Now: www.examplelink.com. Reply STOP to opt out."  

Examples of opt out keywords

  • “STOP”
  • “Stop”
  • “stop”
  • “STop”

STOP message best practices: 

1. Use the name of your company and product in the message.

2. Clearly indicate that your company has removed the customer from the marketing contact list. 

3. Include a message to explain that messages will no longer be sent to the customer. 

2. Include how a message receiver can opt in or resubscribe. 

5. Use a consistent message when possible.