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Security Settings

How to update the security settings within your Notifyre Dashboard

Notifyre users have the ability to manage security settings including updating their password and enabling two-factor authentication within the Notifyre Dashboard.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Settings” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Account” from the dropdown menu 
  • Select “Security” tab on the top of the page 

To update your password: 

  • Enter your current password 
  • Enter your new password. Please ensure your new password has a minimum of 8 characters and contains a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers and at least one special character. Re-enter your new password to confirm 
  • Click

To enable 2-Factor Authentication: 

  • Toggle ON “Enable 2 Factor Authentication” 
  • Download the Google Authenticator™ Mobile App from the App Store 
  • Once downloaded, open the App on your device and select “+
  • Select “Scan a QR Barcode” 
  • Using your device, scan the QR barcode that appears on your Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Enter the 6-digit code displayed on your Google Authenticator App into the code field 
  • Click

    To disable 2-Factor Authentication: 

    • Toggle OFF “Disable 2 Factor Authentication” 
    • Click
    • Enter your Notifyre Account password 
    • Click “Save” 
    • Click “Close” 

    Note: please be sure to click “Save” to save all changes made to Security Settings before leaving the page as any unsaved changes will be lost.