'Auto Delete' on Faxes Sent

Control data retention on faxes sent by using the 'Auto Delete' feature. Once an outgoing fax is sent, the fax content will be automatically deleted from your Notifyre Dashboard.

Auto Delete Fax Send Documents: System will delete the page content of all faxes sent immediately after confirmation of send success or failure of fax delivery. Deleting fax pages does not delete the sending record (meta data) for the fax from your account.

How to activate or deactivate 'Auto Delete' on outgoing faxes

This feature is managed from the 'Settings' menu within your Notifyre Dashboard. 

  • Login to the  Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select "Settings" on the left navigation 
  • Select “Fax” from the dropdown menu 
  • Select "Send" under the Fax Settings
  • Toggle On or Off "Auto Delete Fax Send Documents"
  • Select "Save

  ⚠️Consider activation of this feature carefully, based on data retention requirements.  


This setting can be managed by Admin and Full User Notifyre users.