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Selecting a Receive Fax Plan

Selecting a new receive fax plan within the Notifyre Dashboard

To receive faxes with Notifyre, users will need to select a receive fax plan with included monthly receive credits and a free fax number.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Plans” on the left navigation 
  • Select the “Fax Plan” tab at the top of the screen 
  • Select a receive fax plan from the options displayed by clicking

All fax receive plans come with a free Notifyre fax number. You can choose to add a Notifyre fax number by selecting "Choose Your Number", port your existing fax number to Notifyre by selecting "Port Existing Number", or continue without a fax number by selecting "I don't require a fax number".

  • Ensure your order summary is correct and click

Note: You will receive an email notification with an invoice attached once you have purchased a receive fax plan. 

Note: If you wish to upgrade a Receive Fax Plan and keep your free Notifyre number, simply select "I don't require a fax number" when choosing an upgraded plan.

Note: See Downgrading or Cancelling a Receive Fax Plan for more information on downgrading to a lower fax plan.