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Cancelling a Virtual Mobile Number

How to cancel a virtual mobile number

Notifyre users can cancel an active virtual mobile number subscription via the Notifyre dashboard.

Cancelling a virtual mobile number via SMS number management: 

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “SMS” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Numbers” from the dropdown menu  
  • All activepending to be purchased, scheduled for cancellation and cancelled SMS numbers will be displayed. Select the virtual mobile number you wish to cancel by selecting the appropriate check box
  • Click “Actions
  • Click “Cancel Number
  • Click “Cancel” 

Cancelling a virtual mobile number via subscription settings: 

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Settings” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Billing” from the dropdown menu 
  • Select the “Subscriptions” tab at the top of the screen 
  • Click the additional options menu button next to the virtual mobile number you wish to cancel 
  • Click “Cancel Subscription
  • Click “Continue” 

Note: All virtual mobile number cancellations will need to be manually approved by Notifyre support. The cancelled virtual mobile number status will be displayed as scheduled until approved for cancellation. Once approved by Notifyre support, the virtual mobile number status will change to cancelled.