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Close Account

Notifyre users can easily cancel/close a Notifyre account via the Notifyre dashboard

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Settings” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Account” from the dropdown menu  
  • Scroll down and click "Close Account" (Note: this will only be visible if you are the Account Owner)
  • Enter the account name as displayed in the pop up message to confirm the account you wish to close. 

  • Select "Proceed"
  • To help us understand how we can do better, enter reason for closing account. 
    'No longer required' 😀 
    'Not user friendly' 😞

⚠️ When an account is closed, you will no longer access to retrieve fax/SMS activity.  We recommend that you view/download Fax and/or SMS activity which may be required before closing your account.