Contact Groups

How to create a group of contacts

Notifyre users can create an unlimited number of contact groups and easily add or delete contacts from a group via the Notifyre dashboard.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard
  • Select “Contacts” on the left navigation 
  • Select  under Groups
  • Enter the name of the group into the “Group Name” field
  • Click “Create Group”. The group will be displayed under Groups 

Adding a Contact to a Group 

When creating a new contact, you will have the option to add the contact to an existing group(s) or create a new group for the contact to be added to at the time of creating the contact. See: Creating a Contact for more information on how to create a contact.  

  • Select the contact(s) displayed under “All Contacts”, that you wish to add to a group by clicking the check box beside the contact(s)  
  • Click  at the top of the page 
  • Click the dropdown menu, select the group you wish to add the contact(s) to
  • Click “Add to Group”. The number of contacts added will now appear under the group name displayed under Groups

Removing a Contact from a Group 

To remove an existing contact from a group:  

  • Select the group that contains the contact you wish to remove by clicking the check box beside the group
  • Select the contact/s you wish to remove from a group by clicking the check box beside the contact(s)
  • Click
  • From the dropdown menu, select the group you wish to remove the contact from
  • Click

Additional Options 

Once a group is created, you can perform additional options by clicking the three dots beside the group. 

Edit Group  

  • You can edit the Group Name by selecting “Edit Group” and entering a new name into the Group Name field
  • Click

Delete Group 

  • You can delete a group by selecting “Delete Group” 
  • Click

Note: deleting a group will not delete the contacts within the group 


  • You can export a group of contacts by selecting “Export”  
  • The group will be exported in CSV format and saved to your device as a downloaded file