Importing Contacts

How to import contacts

Notifyre users can easily import contacts via the Notifyre dashboard to allow for the quick addition of multiple contacts to the Notifyre platform and easy sending of fax broadcasts.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Contacts” on the left navigation 
  • Select
  • Import your list of contacts by selecting “Choose File” and choosing a file saved on your chosen device, or dragging and dropping the file into Notifyre 

Note: Notifyre currently only supports CSV file format. We recommend that you utilize the provided template to ensure a successful import. Download the CSV template here. 

⚠️  Entering data in all fields is not mandatory however please do not delete any headings.

  • Once a CSV file has been imported, you can select the group you wish to add the imported contacts to, if any, from the dropdown menu 
  • If you don’t wish to add the imported contacts to a group, you have the option to create a new group by entering a group name into the Create a New Group field 
  • Click “Next” to start your import
  • The import will display as Successful or FailedA failed import indicates that the CSV has not been correctly formatted
  • Click "View details" to download failed contacts into a CSV file
  • Open the CSV file to see the name of the contact and the reason for failure

How to format your CSV file 

If your contact import has failed, it would indicate incorrect formatting of the CSV file. 

  • Ensure that your CSV file has the following column headings in the correct order. 


  • Enter the contact’s data under the correct corresponding heading 

CVS img 2

  • Save the spreadsheet to your desktop or device as a CSV file.

Note: Fax and mobile numbers must be correctly formatted to include Country code for a successful import. Eg:

Australian based national fax number = 61{area_code-no_appending 0}{national_number}
Ie. 61712341234

Australian based mobile number = 61499993421

Australian based 1300 number = 611300123456 

IMPORTANT: If your  import csv contains any 1300/1800 numbers, you will need change the format 'FaxNumber' column.

1. Highlight the 'FaxNumber' column

2. Right click and Select -> Format Cells -> Custom

4. Choose '0' from the Type menu. 

5. Save your csv which is ready to import.