How do I set up receive MMS?

Before receiving MMS you need to set a few things up. Here’s how!

Region Applicable: Australia

Setting up a virtual MMS number

To receive MMS in Notifyre, you must first purchase an MMS-capable virtual mobile number. To purchase an MMS-capable number, simply navigate to the ‘Numbers’ page within settings and go to the ‘Virtual SMS Numbers’ tab.

Then click ‘Add New’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

A pop-up will appear and prompt you to specify a country and then a number type. In the drop-down, you will see

- SMS (Only)

- SMS and MMS

SMS (Only) means that users can only send/receive SMS text messages. Be aware that once you have purchased this number type, you cannot upgrade it to an MMS-capable number. You must purchase an additional virtual mobile number with MMS capability.

SMS and MMS means that users will be able to use the virtual mobile number to send/receive SMS text messages as well as receive MMS.

Once you have purchased a virtual number, our support team will assign the appropriate number to your account.


Can you receive MMS on a shared number?

Shared numbers cannot receive MMS. Users must purchase a virtual MMS number to receive these message types.


Can I port an existing virtual number to have MMS functionality?

You are unable to port an existing number and upgrade to MMS functionality. You must purchase an entirely new virtual MMS number for this service.


Can I send an MMS?

Please note that MMS send functionality has not been released yet but is coming soon!


Currently MMS is only available for users with an Australian account.