How long does it take to send a Fax?

Noitfyre works hard to provide you with a timely faxing service. Our system generally takes only 15 seconds per page to transmit, however, please allow a waiting time of 1-2 minute per page. For example, if you were to send a 50 page document, you can expect transmission to take  approximately 50 minutes. 

What accounts for this duration?  Notifyre securely encodes the content of the document before transmitting it to the receiving machine. The receiving machine will then decode the data sent, then make the information available for the user, marking the completion of the faxing process.

There are a number of other factors involved including but not limited to:

  • Recipients line quality
  • Maximum transmission speed that the destination fax machine
  • Complexity of the document being sent (A document with images will take significantly longer that plain text)

Please reach out to our dedicated support team in the event a fax job exceeds the expected time-frame.