How to Edit/Delete/Duplicate an SMS template

Follow the below steps to Edit/Delete/Duplicate an SMS Template:

1. Login to Notifyre

2. Click on SMS Templates on the Left hand side menu

3. Find the SMS Template you want to Edit/Delete/Duplicate and Select the Three Dots.

4. Select your Desired Action

Edit: This function enables you to modify the Name or Message of an existing template. Select Update once you have modified your template

Delete: Utilize this option to remove a template from your collection, effectively preventing it from being used in future communications. Select Yes to delete your template

Duplicate: A convenient tool for creating a copy of an SMS Template. Ideal for situations where you need to make slight alterations to an existing template while retaining the original version. Select "Save" to save your modifications as a New Template

Bulk Delete

1. Select the SMS templates you wish to delete using the Checkbox

2. Select the Delete 

3. Select "Yes" to delete the selected Templates