Fax Number Porting Process

How to port your existing fax number to Notifyre

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Fax” from the left navigation 
  • Select “Numbers” from the dropdown menu
  • Select and select desired plan.
  • Select
  • Complete “Porting Requirements” by selecting the appropriate check boxes  

We highly recommend that you contact your current fax provider to ensure that you are correctly answering the porting requirements 

  • Complete “Fax Number Details” by entering the details of the fax number you wish to port 
  • After you have read Notifyre’s Fax Number Porting Terms and Conditions, select the check boxes and click

  • From here, you can select “Submit Another Port” to submit another fax number port request, “Choose New Numbers” to add a new fax number to set up a redirection and receive faxes to your Notifyre account today or select “Checkout” and proceed to purchase 

  • Click

You’ll receive a confirmation email once your fax number porting request has been submitted and will be alerted once the porting process is complete. 

Once your fax number/s has been successfully ported to Notifyre, any incoming faxes sent to that number will be received via the Notifyre platform and will be accessible via the dashboard.