How to receive fax to multiple emails with Notifyre

Configure your fax settings to enable multiple emails in your business to receive faxes.

To receive faxes to multiple email addresses follow the below steps.

  1. Login to the  Notifyre Dashboard
  2. Select "Settings" on the left navigation 
  3. Select “Fax” from the dropdown menu 
  4. Select the "Receive" tab
  5. Choose the fax number
  6. Toggle the "Email receive settings"

    Auto delete fax from account storage - Toggle ON to automatically delete all fax documents received on your fax number. These documents will not be stored on the account and are unable to be recovered. If you enable auto delete, faxes will be sent as an attachment to the authorised email(s). Disabled by default. 

    Receive fax as an attachment in your email client - Toggle ON to receive fax documents as a PDF attachment in your email client. Enabled by default. 

  7. Enter the email addresses you wish to receive fax and click the button. 
    All email addresses will receive faxes sent to the above fax number. You can add as many emails as required. Add bulk emails separated by commas (, or contact support.
  8. Click "Save"
  9. Once you click save a verification email will be sent to newly added email addresses. Email verification is required to receive faxes. If you have not received the verification email, please contact support at
  10. Emails that have been verified will display this icon next to the email address