SMS Sender ID

Requesting and using a custom SMS Sender ID

Region Applicable: Australia

Notifyre users have the option to use a custom SMS Sender ID in place of an SMS system number when sending SMS messages.

An SMS Sender ID appears at the top of a text message conversation and is used to identify the sender to the recipient. The SMS sender ID can include numeric, alphanumeric,  alphabetical and up to a maximum of 11 characters.

Requesting a Custom Sender ID

  • Login to the Notifyre dashboard.
  • Select "SMS" on the left navigation.
  • Select "Numbers" from the dropdown menu.
  • Click
  • Enter your desired Sender ID text in the "Sender ID" field.
    Eg: ABC Medical Clinic
  • In the "Use Case Reference" field, enter a reference description of the intended use for the Sender ID.
    Eg: Medical Clinic confirming patient appointments. 
  • Click . Your Custom SMS Sender ID request will be sent to Notifyre support for review. The Notifyre support team will action your request as soon as possible.

TIP: You may enter your existing number to receive replies direct to your mobile device. 

However, we will need to verify any personal number used as SMS Sender ID. Please email your latest Telco tax invoice to to assist our team in verifying ownership of your number.

Landline numbers can not be used as a Sender ID for SMS as these messages may get rejected by Mobile Carrier Networks.