What is best practice SMS content for 10DLC Campaigns?

It is recommended that SMS senders use high quality, correctly formatted content as this is less likely to be mistaken as spam by consumers and Mobile Network Operators. 

SMS senders should follow the below guidelines when creating a SMS: 

1. Use one recognizable number for each Campaign

2. When including a URL, use a consistent web domain. Ideally include the full link; however, URL shorteners can be used. Do not use public URL shorteners to create these links.

3. Use natural language that engages your target audience. Avoid textspeak, for example "H!, S4L3 0N 2MOZ - 20% @FF" as this could be mistaken for spam. 

4. Use a business identifier so the message receiver instantly knows who has sent the message. Make sure to include your business name in the SMS.  

5. Standard SMS length is 160 characters but you can send multiple SMS parts for longer messages. Ideally, you should keep your SMS messages short for the best customer experience.

6. Always end your SMS with "STOP" and "HELP" message instructions so customers can opt out or request additional support. 

7. When sending your first SMS, include the frequency of messages to provide awareness of the number of messages a customer could receive each month. For example: include, " Welcome to Business name. Thanks for subscribing to receive SMS promos. You will get 4/msg mthly. Reply STOP to opt out".