Accessing the Notifyre App

Access your Notifyre account securely online at any time via the Notifyre app on your computer or smart device.

The app can be accessed via any of the options below: 

Logging into the Notifyre App

To login to your Notifyre App, go to  Notifyre and select 'Login', or open the installed Notifyre app on your computer or mobile device. 

  1. Email: Enter the email address used to create the account/sub-user account. 
  2. Password: Enter your password. See resetting your password if you have forgotten your password.
  3. Remember me (optional): Allows you to save your credentials to your device. 
  4. Click 'Sign In'.

Note : If you have 2FA enabled on your Notifyre account, you will be prompted to enter your authentication code to log in to the Notifyre App.

Logging out of the Notifyre App

To log out, simply click your account name on the top of the page and click "Logout".

Note: Due to security reasons, you will be automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity unless you enable 'remember me', which keeps you logged into the Notifyre platform for 30 days.