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Limited Access Mode

How to remove limited access mode from your Notifyre account

All Notifyre accounts have limited access mode enabled by default.  This means that you will be restricted to sending 20 SMS parts* and 100 fax pages until your account has been verified. 

Once you reach the limit, a support team member will be required to manually verify your account to allow you to continue sending SMS and fax.

Limited access mode provides an additional security layer and ensures that we prevent illegitimate account holders.

To have your Notifyre account verified, simply contact our friendly support team on 1300 032 936 or email support@notifyre.com and quote your Notifyre account number.

How to locate your account number

  1. Login to your Notifyre account.
  2. Navigate to the top left hand corner of your screen.
  3. View your Account name and Account number. Your account number will be made up of letters and numbers (8 characters).


* The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part. See SMS character limits