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Notifyre Account Verification 

Notifyre is committed to protecting consumers from spam and fraud. Our verification process aims to ensure that all Notifyre accounts undergo necessary checks before full SMS and Fax services are available.   

The verification process comprises three steps: 

1. Email Verification: This step is completed during the sign-up process. 
2. Phone Verification: This step is completed after account creation or during your welcome call with a team member. 
3. Welcome Call Verification: Our team members carry out this step to verify additional details. 


How to Verify My Account Phone Number? 

As part of the verification process, you must verify your phone number by following these steps: 

1. Log in to your Notifyre account. 
2. Navigate to your profile in the top right corner 
3. Click on profile  
4. Click Verify next to your phone number  


What Will Notifyre Ask Me During the Verification Call? 

During our welcome call, we will pose questions aimed at providing you with a personalized experience. Additionally, we will request the following information: 

  1. Legal business names and contact details. 
  2. ABN/EIN or other registration details. 
  3. Business website, social media, and other publicly listed sites associated with your business. 


What is Limited Access Mode? 

Please note that your Notifyre account will default to limited access mode upon completion of the account creation process. Until your account is verified, you will only be able to: 

  • Send a total of 20 SMS Parts (up to 160 characters per SMS part). 
  • Send a total of 100 fax pages. 

Once these limits are reached, you will be unable to send SMS or faxes until our team completes the verification process. To expedite verification, please contact our team via live chat, phone, or email. 

During your account's 'Limited Access Mode', you will not be able to modify your credit card details. 

Account verification may take up to 48-72 hours as it is a manual process carried out by our team. 

To have your Notifyre account verified, simply contact our friendly support team and quote your Notifyre account number.

How to locate your account number

  1. Login to your Notifyre account.
  2. Navigate to the top left hand corner of your screen.
  3. View your Account name and Account number. Your account number will be made up of letters and numbers (8 characters).


* The maximum character limit for a single SMS text message is 160 characters or 1 message part. See SMS character limits