Unicode SMS Messages and Emojis

Adding an emoji when sending an SMS with Notifyre

What is a Unicode SMS Message?

Unicode SMS refers to SMS messages that are sent and/or received containing characters that are not found in the GSM-7 character set. (I.e. characters within the alphabet (A-Z), digits (0-9), plus a few special characters). As an emoji is not found in the GSM-7 character set, the character itself takes up more space than characters found within the GSM-7 binary code, resulting in an non-GSM-7 message.

Notifyre's SMS Message Unicode Specifications

Notifyre supports emojis for SMS sending and receiving. Emoji characters take up more than one character and therefore result in the message part having a maximum character limit of 70. 

If sending a longer message (multi-part message) containing an emoji, each message part will have a maximum character limit of 67 characters, due to 3 characters being needed to facilitate re-joining of the message on delivery. 

View SMS Character Limits for more information.

Does Notifyre have Multilanguage support?

Notifyre does support Multilanguage SMS text messages with non-GSM letters and characters. As with sending an SMS containing an emoji, sending a Multilanguage SMS containing non-GSM SMS message will result in a maximum character limit of 70 per message part.