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Updating Payment Method

How to update or change your billing details including preferred payment method and billing address

Notifyre users can manage their billing details and payment method via the Notifyre Dashboard.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard
  • Select “Settings” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Billing” from the dropdown menu  
  • Select “Billing Details” at the top of the screen 

Updating Payment Method: 

  • Click
  • Update your credit card details and/or billing address as necessary 
  • Click

Updating Billing Address: 

  • Update your Billing Address as necessary by entering your personal details, including First Name, Last Name, Company Name (If a Company Notifyre Account was created. See: Creating a Notifyre AccountPhone NumberEmail Address and Physical Address into the correct fields 
  • Click

Note: please ensure you click “Save” to save any changes made to payment method and/or billing address. Any unsaved changes will be lost.