Fax Settings

Manage your fax settings including notifications, call sender ID, enable high quality faxing.

All Notifyre users can manage fax settings from the Notifyre Dashboard including general settings, authorized senders and notifications and more. 

  • Login to the  Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select "Settings" on the left navigation 
  • Select “Fax” from the dropdown menu 


  • Fax Resolution:  Standard fax quality is enabled by default. Click the radio button to enable high quality fax sending. See 💡 below. 

    💡 If you expect to regularly send faxes with high levels of detail, you can activate the option to send all faxes in high quality. Sending a fax in high quality attracts a 25% increase to the base per-page rate. 

      • Set Sender ID (Caller-Sender Identification): Set a default Sender ID for all faxes sent from the account. Choose from the list of pre-approved sender ID's. If no Sender ID required, toggle OFF and the system will allocate a shared number as the 'From' fax number.  
      • Delivery Notifications: Choose which delivery notifications you wish to receive via email to the account holder email address.
        • Select “All to receive fax delivery notifications for both successful and failed faxes 
        • Select “None” if you do not wish to receive delivery notifications to email. You can monitor all sent and received faxes via Activity within the Notifyre Dashboard. Please see: Fax Activity for more information 
        • Select “Successful to receive notifications for successfully sent faxes 
        • Select Failed to receive notifications for faxes which failed to deliver
      • Manage Authorized Email Senders: Add an email address to enable fax sending from email. Please see Authorized Senders for how to add and verify an authorized email sender to your Notifyre Dashboard.
      • Auto Delete Fax Send Documents: System will delete the page content of all faxes sent immediately after confirmation of send success or failure of fax delivery. Deleting fax pages does not delete the sending record (meta data) for the fax from your account.
      • Include Fax Header: Enter a fax header to use on all faxes sent from your account. The header should be alphanumeric and contain no more than 21 characters.


      • Received Fax Notifications: An email notification will be sent for all faxes received to your fax number. Users can choose whether the received fax notification includes a copy of the received fax attached to the email notification. This is toggled ON by default. Toggle OFF if you do not wish to receive a copy of the fax attached to the receive fax notification email.  

      • Auto delete fax from storage: System will delete the page content of all faxes received immediately after fax delivery as email attachment. Note: To activate auto-delete there must be an email address on the fax number, If ‘receive fax as attachment’ is also off, auto-delete cannot be applied.

      💡 Please be sure to click “Save” to save all changes made to Fax Settings before leaving the page.