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Details required to complete the Brand registration form

See below for all the fields required to submit the Brand registration form. We recommend that you have all the data available before you start your Brand registration. It is important that you carefully enter the data and check that all data is accurate before paying for your Brand registration. Upon payment, Brand details will be sent to The Campaign Registry for review. 

Note: You will need to have a payment method in your account before filling out the form. 

  1. Brand name - Enter the name of the brand you are registering.
  2. Company name - Enter the registered company name. This must be an exact match to the Tax ID you provide.
  3. Country of registration - Select the country where your company is registered.
  4. Company address – Fill out Street address, City, State/Region, Country ZIP/Postcode. 
  5. Legal entity type - Select the business structure.
    5a. If 'Publicly Traded Company' is selected, you will need to enter the Stock symbol and select the applicable Stock exchange.
  6. Industry/ Vertical - Select the category that best fits the registered company. 
  7. Tax ID - Enter the primary Tax ID for your country (EIN or ABN). In many countries, this is the numeric portion of your VAT ID number.  
  8. Contact email - This email will be provided to The Campaign Registry. 
  9. Contact phone number - This phone number will be provided to The Campaign Registry. 
  10. Company website - Enter your company's website address (example: https://www.examplewebsite.com)