SMS Settings

You can manage the SMS Settings on your Notifyre Account to add authorized senders, manage notifications and more.

Notifyre users are given the option to adjust their SMS settings as required via the Notifyre Dashboard. SMS Settings allow users to customise their sending requirements.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Settings” on the left navigation 
  • Select “SMS Settings” from the dropdown menu 


You can manage SMS Settings relating to sending SMS text messages with Notifyre. 

  • Character Limit: By default, you can send SMS text messages no matter their character count and message parts. Toggle ON restricts SMS text messages from being sent over a chosen character count, dependant on message parts 
  • Default Sender ID: If you have a dedicated virtual mobile number you can request a custom alphanumeric Sender ID to use in place of the mobile number, which is what the recipient will see at the sender upon message delivery. This option allows you to set the Sender ID as default when sending SMS messages.
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Authorized Senders 

You can manage Authorized Senders that have been added to your Notifyre Account.  

  • Add an Allowed Sender: When sending SMS using email, our system will check the “From:” field in the email header details against your Notifyre Account’s “Authorized Sender” list. Please see Authorized Senders for more information on how to add and verify an email for your account 
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You can manage your SMS text message Send Delivery Notifications and Reply Notifications. When an SMS is sent successfully or failed an email notification will be sent to the account holder’s email address. 

  • Delivery Notifications: Select “All” if you wish to receive SMS Delivery Notifications for both “Successful” and “Failed” sent SMS text messages. If you wish to receive a notification for a particular status you can either select “Successful” or “Failed” Select “None” if you wish not to receive any SMS Delivery Notifications 
  • To include a copy of the sent SMS text message in the SMS Delivery Notifications email, toggle ON 
  • Reply Notifications: Toggle ON to receive SMS Notifications for your replies  
  • To include a copy of the SMS text message reply in the Reply Notifications SMS, toggle ON
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💡Please be sure to click “Save” to save all changes made to SMS Settings before leaving the page as any unsaved changes will be lost.