Virtual SMS Number

You have the option to add a Virtual SMS Number to your Notifyre Dashboard.

A dedicated virtual SMS number provides Notifyre users with the ability to send SMS text messages from a dedicated number and receive SMS replies directly to that number. This allows easy 2-way SMS messaging and is easily recognisable by customers and clients alike.

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “SMS” on the left navigation 
  • Select “Numbers” from the dropdown menu 
  • Select to add a new Virtual SMS Number to your Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select “Add to cart” and proceed to purchase 

Note: Notifyre currently supports Australian virtual SMS numbers and 10DLC numbers in the United States. 

To cancel an active virtual SMS number subscription: 

  • Select the Virtual SMS Number you wish to cancel by selecting the correct tick box 
  • Select “Actions
  • Select “Cancel Number” from the dropdown menu
  • Select “Deactivate”  

Note: You can continue to use the virtual SMS number until the end of the active billing cycle. During this time, the status of the number will appear as “Scheduled”. Once the status changes to “Cancelled” you will no longer be able to use this number to send or receive SMS. Please see Billing Settings for more information on how to view your active and cancelled subscriptions.

Header Descriptions

Number – Displays the virtual SMS number added to your Notifyre Dashboard 

Description – Displays the type of subscription the virtual SMS number is attached to 

Date – The date that the virtual mobile number was added to your Notifyre  Dashboard 

Amount The amount you pay per month for the virtual SMS number subscription 

Status Displays if the virtual SMS number is “Active”, “Scheduled” to be cancelled or “Cancelled