Email to Fax

How to send a fax via email

Using Notifyre, one of the methods available to send a fax is via email. Once received, Notifyre converts the email to fax and sends it to the desired recipient. 

To send email to fax you must first add your email address as an Authorized Sender under the Fax Settings menu in your Notifyre Account. Please see Authorized Senders for more information on how to add and verify an email for your account. 

  • Login to your email client. Notifyre is compatible with all email clients including Gmail®, Outlook®, Yahoo® and more 
  • Compose a new Email  
  • In the “To” field: Enter the recipient’s fax number (including the country code and area code) followed by @{accountid} For example, when sending email to fax in Australia: You may enter multiple recipients to send a Fax Broadcast 
  • Attach the fax document that you wish to send in the email. Notifyre currently supports PDF document format. More accepted file formats coming soon! 
  • Click “Send” 

    Note: You will be able to view the sent fax under Activity within your Notifyre Dashboard. Please see Fax Activity for more information.