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Notifyre Dashboard

How to navigate the Notifyre Dashboard

The Notifyre dashboard provides users with an overview of sent and received fax & SMS messages, active plans and the ability to perform actions including Quick Fax and Quick SMS.

Login to the Notifyre Dashboard. See: Creating a Notifyre Account if you have yet to sign up for a free Notifyre Account. 

Notifyre Dashboard Main Navigation: 

  • Account Balance: displays the current funds available in your Notifyre account and a shortcut to top-up from your nominated credit card
  • Account Name: provides a dropdown menu with the option to access Account Settings (See: General Account Settings) or Logout.
  • Shortcuts: shortcut links to frequently-used functions including Quick FaxQuick SMSTop UpBilling and API Reference

  • Usage: provides an overview of sent and received fax and SMS activity 
    • By default, sent fax and SMS activity will be displayed 
    • Select “Fax” or “SMS” to customise your activity 
    • Select “Sent” or “Received” from the dropdown menu to display desired fax or SMS activity 

  • Message Stats: displays a percentage of successful and unsuccessful fax and/or SMS sends 

  • Pay-as-you-go: displays total spend, total pages sent and cost per page.  
    • Select “Fax” or “SMS” to customise the display 
    • Use the date filter to choose between a date range or a specific date
  • Plans: displays an overview of any current fax receive plan that you are currently on, including days left in the plan’s billing cycle, total number of pages received, total number of pages you have left to receive under your plan, any excess pages and any charges 

  • Power Tips: helpful information about the Notifyre platform 

  • Contact Us: directs you to the Notifyre contact us form 
  • Help Center: directs you to the Notifyre Support Knowledgebase featuring helpful resources and tools to assist with utilizing the Notifyre platform 

Notifyre Dashboard Left Navigation: