Sending SMS Online

How to send an SMS online

One of the methods available to a Notifyre user is to send an SMS message through the Notifyre secure online dashboard. 

You can send SMS via the Notifyre dashboard on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

⚠️ You will need to verify the phone number attached to your Notifyre account before sending SMS.

To verify your phone number:  

  • Login to the Notifyre Dashboard 
  • Select drop down menu under your Account name (top right corner)
  • Select “Profile” 
  • Select “Verify Number”  
  • A verification code will be sent to your nominated phone number
  • Enter the verification code into the field and click “Verify” 
  • A verification badge will be visible next to your phone number once it has been verified

To send an SMS online:

  • Login in the Notifyre Dashboard
  • Select “Send” on the left navigation 
  • Select “SMS” from the dropdown menu 
  • From SMS Number: the default setting is to send SMS via Notifyre Shared System Number. Use the drop down menu if you wish to send from any approved custom sender ID or dedicated virtual mobile number. 
    Please see Virtual Mobile Number for more information on how to add a SMS number to your Notifyre account
  • In the To SMS Number field: Enter the destination mobile number, contact name or contact group name and select or select “Enter” or "Tab" on your keyboard to add. You may enter multiple mobile numbers, contacts or contact groups to send an SMS Broadcast

  • In the Message field: Enter the body SMS message text. Please see SMS Character Limits for more information
  • Click

Additional options are also available when sending an SMS online using the Notifyre 'SMS' feature:

  • SMS Opt-Out - You can add an unsubscribe link to an SMS by simply toggling ON this option so it turns blue (toggled OFF by default). When sending SMS to a new contact and has Opt-out link enabled, the contact will be automatically added to your contact list. How to edit your contacts

  • SMS Scheduling - You can schedule an SMS to send at a specific date and time. To schedule an SMS, simply select the toggle ON so it turns blue (toggled OFF by default) and select the date and time by clicking . Scheduled SMS sends can be viewed and cancelled via SMS Activity.

  • SMS Personalization - You can add custom personalization tokens (mail merge) to your SMS sends. Simply click "Placeholder" and select the personalization token you wish to use. The personalization token will automatically populate when you send an SMS to a contact or contact group.

  • Insert emoji - Notifyre supports the use of unicode so you can add an emoji to your SMS send. Simply click to view the full list of emojis that you can add to your SMS. Click on the emoji to add it to the message.