Email to SMS

How to send an SMS via email

Using Notifyre, one of the methods available to send an SMS is via email. Once received, Notifyre converts the email to SMS and sends it to the desired mobile recipient. 

To send email to SMS, first add your email address as an Authorized Sender under SMS Settings in your Notifyre Account. Please see Authorized Senders for more information on how to add and verify an email for your account. 

  • Login to your email client. Notifyre is compatible with all email clients including Gmail®, Outlook®, Yahoo® and more 
  • Compose a new Email  
  • In the “To” field: Enter the recipient’s mobile number (including the country code and area code) followed by: 
    @{accountid} - for sending to Australian SMS number
    @{accountid} - for sending to United States SMS number

    For example:
    To send an SMS to Australian SMS number: 61487799888
    To field:

    To send an SMS to Unites States SMS number: 13072221234
    To field:
  • In the “Subject” field: Enter a subject for the SMS text message. This is optional 
  • In the body of the email: Enter the SMS body text (Ensure that there are no Images in the body of the email, including the footer)
  • Click “Send” 

    Looking to receive SMS to your email inbox? This can be setup via SMS settings.

    Note: SMS character limits and message parts still apply when sending SMS via emailIf your SMS text message is over 160 characters in length, additional charges will be applied. Please see SMS Character Limits for more information. 

    Note: You will be able to view the sent Email to SMS under Activity in your Notifyre Account. Please see SMS Activity for more information. 

    Note: Please be aware that if your email account has an automatically generated email signature, this will need to be deleted before sending email to SMS as any characters in the body of the email will become part of the SMS.